Designing a small bathroom often requires some creative problem-solving to make the space both functional and beautiful. Consider our tips below for some areas to save space and create the illusion of openness.


A pedestal sink certainly takes up less room than a full vanity but sometimes even a pedestal can get in the way of the flow of traffic. Try installing a corner sink to fully move the sink out of the way and create more space to get in and out of the bathroom.


Just because a space is small, doesn’t mean it can’t have a vanity. One option is to mount the vanity which creates space beneath it that can either be used for storage or be kept clear to make the space look bigger. Another option is to use a rounded vanity which does away with any sharp corners that can get in the way, especially if more than one person is in the space at a time.


Small bathrooms notoriously have little room for useable space like a countertop. One creative solution is to extend the counter over the back of the toilet. This space can be used to store essentials or simply for extra room when you need to spread out a bit.


Europeans are used to small bathrooms so you should consider taking a page out of their book when tackling the shower area. A full shower door would need plenty of room to swing open but a half glass panel will keep in most of the water in half the space or less.


It’s pretty well-known that mirrors make small spaces look bigger and reflect a greater amount of light. So, don’t confine your mirror to only directly in front of the vanity/sink. Extend it across a whole wall or more. This also means that more than one person can use it at a time if you find yourself with a full house.


When bulky storage units and closets are not an option, shelving can be your best friend and your only hope for storing at least the essentials in your bathroom. Don’t let all that vertical space go to waste! Install some shelves and group items artfully to serve as both storage and design.

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