Smart Devices

We are constantly becoming more and more connected. Some of the things helping us save time, money, and energy so we have more time to connect with our families are smart devices. The kitchen is a space ripe for innovation with these gadgets and the technology manufacturers are taking full advantage. From charging stations to smart refrigerators that alert you when you’re running low on groceries – smart kitchen devices are here to serve you.

Colored cabinets

While we’re not quite returning to the bold teal and pink color schemes of the 1980s, colored cabinets are making a comeback. While all-white kitchens are still popular for their clean look, the sun may be beginning to set on the trend in favor of injecting some color with cabinetry. This can come in the form of an entire kitchen, only top or only bottom cabinets, or it can be just the kitchen island. With lots of options and custom colors available, don’t be afraid to experiment with color in your kitchen.

Open Shelving

Depending on the size and shape of your kitchen, cabinets can seem cumbersome as they take up a lot of space. But if reducing your storage space is not an option, try giving it a makeover. Open shelving can be a great alternative option to upper cabinetry, while still providing ample storage space. And because upper shelving often stores neatly stackable items like plates, bowls and glassware, you can keep your kitchen looking neat.

Multiple Islands

Sometimes more is simply more and by adding a second island in your kitchen design, more is exactly what you get – more storage and more space to prep and serve. For a while now it has seemed every modern kitchen design has included a kitchen island. But in 2020, we’ll see more layouts, in spaces that have the room, to feature double kitchen islands. Sometimes they match, sometimes one serves as a prep space and the second as more of a serving space.

Gold Hardware

This trend has been creeping up with the rise of colored cabinets and looks like it is here to stay. Gold-tone cabinet hardware is rapidly replacing its satin nickel counterpart as the go-to hardware color in modern designs. It gives a space a touch of glamour and a pop of color and can really make a new kitchen stand out.


If you’re looking for help with incorporating some modern style into your kitchen design, speak with one of our experienced designers at a Fairview location near you.

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